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Shiva's Cascade Incense Holder

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Product Name: Smoke Fountain Lord Shiva Cone Incense Holder Showpiece with 10 Free Smoke Backflow

Package Contains: 1 piece of Smoke Lord Shiva

Material: Resin

Color: Color as per availability

Weight: 200g

Using a top-of-back-flow incense burner, you may create the effect of a Smokey waterfall. This work of art depicts Lord Adiyogi Shiva Dhyan Mudra meditating under a waterfall. Place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and the smoke will flow in the reverse direction, from top to bottom, creating a beautiful Smokey waterfall. With scented smoke billowing in waves beside the Adiyogi shiva, this is the perfect housewarming gift for any household. Swapi's backflow With the Shiva incense burner, you'll get a box of 10 back-flow incense cones. Swapi can assist you in increasing the number of back-flow cones in your system. Swapi's skilled artisans used a variety of old techniques to create this show-stope

Shiva's Cascade Incense Holder - PRICART
Shiva's Cascade Incense Holder

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