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UV Light Nail Polish Dryer

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Product Name: Mini Nail Polish Dryer With LED UV Light (Multicolor)
Package Contains: Pack of 1 and more

Material: Others
Weight: 120 grams
Dimension: 18 x 8 x 3 cm

About this item:

  • EASY TO USE: Simply press the button to activate the dryer. It features two timing functions: a short press for curing in 45 seconds and a long press for curing in 60 seconds. The device automatically shuts off when the time is up.

  • FAST AND COMFORTABLE: Despite its low wattage, this dryer is quick-drying, reducing curing time by 30% compared to other mini dryers. It ensures fast and efficient drying without overheating, providing a comfortable experience.

Upgrade your nail care routine with the convenience and efficiency of the LED UV Light Nail Polish Dryer.

UV Light Nail Polish Dryer - PRICART
UV Light Nail Polish Dryer

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